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5 common misconceptions about manscaping

1. Only porn stars and gay guys manscape.
Preposterous! Guys of all stripes manscape. Porn actors, atheletes, gay guys may have played a part in the growing popularity of modern-day manscaping but its practice is certainly not limited to these communities.

2. Manscaping is vain.
OK, I concede. It is a bit vain but manscaping serves other purposes, improving cleanliness and comfort being some of my personal manscaping motivators. Body hair produces body heat and body heat can lead to body funk. Hairy bits make an ideal bacteria breeding ground. Maybe you’re a cyclist who shaves his legs to ward off ticks or make road rash a little less painful to treat. Maybe you do it to make intimacy more pleasurable for you and your partner. Whatever the reason, manscaping does not have to be a pure indulgence in vanity.

3. Manscaping is a fad.
Manscaping has been around for a very long time. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans practiced it on a daily basis. In fact many cultures have throughout our long history.

4. My pubic hair will just grow back thicker if I shave it.
Dave Alexander, a barber for 20 years and author of the Men’s Hair Guide at, says trimming or shaving hair anywhere won’t make it grow back thicker.

5. I have to go to a woman’s waxing parlour to remove my body hair.
No you don’t. Believe it or not, there are exclusively male spas and clinics that cater to male pubic hair removal.

Manscaping Clinic

That’s it. I’m packing my bags and heading to Dublin. That’s where Stephen Thomas, the exclusively male grooming clinic, is located. To my knowledge (please, correct me if I’m wrong), we don’t have these in the states. With the exception of the Boy Scouts and the Freemasons and perhaps a handful of others, the day’s of the men’s club have gone the way of the dodo. Bravo Dubliners for catering to the 21st century male with some sensitivity and respect for our more intimate regions.

Friends don’t let friends shave and drive

So this has been a bizarre week of grooming related stories coming out of Florida. Here’s the first of two . . .

My state, the lovely Commonwealth of MA, just passed a law to ban texting while driving. Perhaps Florida should consider a law to ban shaving while driving after Megan Mariah Barnes rear-ended a pickup truck while shaving her bush! Yes, you read correctly. Ms. Barnes was shaving her pubes and driving at the same time. The ultimate in multi-tasking gone wrong.

So now I’m dying to know . . . are you manscaping behind the wheel? Yeah, I know, some of us may have plucked a few nose hairs or even buzzed the 5 o’clock shadow while sitting in traffic, but who dares wield a razor in one hand at his crotch, steering wheel in the other while dodging rush hour traffic? A mad man, that’s who!

In what other weird circumstance or weird places have you manscaped?

Get Laid Faster this Valentine’s Day: 4 manscaping musts for love

Fuggedabut candy and flowers for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Instead, you be the gift! Show your SO what they mean to you by transforming yourself into a tidy package especially for them.

Here’s 4 manscaping “musts” that’ll help you score in the bedroom.

1. Snip the “Chia” neck. Get rid of that hairy mess and your lover won’t be able to keep from caressing, kissing, licking . . .get the picture?

2. Lose the satellite dishes. Nuzzling, nibbling and licking ear lobes is sexy. A mouthful of fuzz is not!

3. Clip your talons. If you play your cards right, your love session will probably include some scratching. Do your lover a favor. Clip and clean your finger nails. Scratching is for pleasure, not infection. If you’re going to be carving love trails in someone’s skin or poking around their privates, smooth and spotless is the only way to go.

4. Primp the pubes. Your hippie man bush is not doing you any favors in the sack. Shave it, trim it . . . just get it under control. You’ll look bigger, you’ll feel smoother and your lover will be all over you.

Have a great lay.

Wash your balls with Axe

Just in case you need some clarification on washing your balls:

Starved: How NOT to shave your pubic hair

When it comes to grooming tips, avoiding sharp objects (with the obvious exception of the very careful use of a razor) when it comes to pubic shaving is no laughing matter. This video clip, however, is very funny:

Unfortunately this show is no longer on, but I was able to hunt this down and post it for your viewing pleasure! Just goes to show, a small investment in some good tools is a must!

Untamed and lazy or tidy and attentive?

What do your grooming habits say about you? Check out this slide show from Cosmo. I’m not sure I buy that manscaping is the sole factor in determining your personality, but this is a fun little bit nonetheless.

Trimming the bush . . .

Gillette’s tutorial for no hair down there.