Four years of inexplicable overwhelming odor?

Wow, you’d think that with 4 years of armpit odor this guy would have dealt with this a little sooner. Keep grooming and keep yourself clean! I understand that shit happens, but keep an eye on your health, grooming and otherwise, and take care of it immediately, no matter what it is!

Here’s to healthier days, especially healthy holidays. Please be safe and happy this holiday season.

Winter Grooming Tips

I recently came across a season-specific list of helpful grooming tips in dos/don’ts format.

I found the suggestion of cutting down on hot showers particularly compelling. While I enjoy the temporary comfort of a hot shower in the colder months, that certainly explains the dry skin and itchiness that lingers long after I dry off.

The other day I forgot my hat, but was wearing a hooded jacket. That made all the difference in the world!

“Don’t: Go Grizzly” . . .Obviously!

Are you burning up? Catch some relief with a cold water shower

OK, so it’s been a while since my last post, but it’s summer and I need a break! Seriously, I don’t have central air conditioning, and while usually that’s OK, this July has been brutal. There’s a reason why I live in New England and not Miami. Yes, we have brutally cold weather and suffocating heat and humidity, but the upside is that neither usually lasts all that long. . .until these past two weeks. It doesn’t take much to fry my brain and drain my energy in this weather, so my apologies for the long absence.

So in all seriousness, what are you doing to beat the heat, especially if you don’t have central air in all your daily haunts? I’m lucky enough to live near some incredibly beautiful beaches; the water has been warm enough not to freeze my nuts off and cool enough to lower my core temperature a few degrees if I’m in a for a few minutes. If you don’t have AC and you’re not close to a beach, you can add “cooling off” to the
benefits of a cold water shower. When I’m not able to be at the beach (or even if we have been to the beach), I find taking a cold shower (and staying in there long enough to feel chilly) will cool me off enough be more comfortable for a while.