5 natural alternatives to shaving cream

This is part 2 of a series.

1. Castile soap – Dr. Bronner/Dr. Woods

This stuff is absolutely fantastic (both products). For years now, I’ve been using the Dr. Bronner’s for bathing at a family lake cabin where we don’t have a shower. I don’t always shave while retreating up in the White Mountains, but if things are getting out of hand I’ll just use the soap. I didn’t even know that they made a shaving gel until building the links for this post, so I’ll try to hunt some down and let you know how it works. In the meantime, I’d recommend picking up some of the castile soap. I found the Dr. Woods conveniently sold at my local Stop & Rob. . . I mean, Stop & Shop. I gave this a try for both shaving and washing and it worked pretty well.

2. Aveda oil

I briefly mentioned this oil in my Father’s Day post. While it has a crisp fragrance and gives a smooth shave, it’s pricey at $25 a bottle. In its defense, you don’t use much of it. I’m not really sure that it’s intended for shaving but I like to experiment and this time it was fairly successful. If you’re going to use this product, keep in mind that it is an oil and you’ll need to rinse your blade frequently. AVEDA also has a rosemary mint shaving cream that they’re in the midst of revamping. It wasn’t in the local salon and it’s not on their website yet. According to my Honey, it should be available by fall.

3. Coconut oil

For a while I was using Spectrum’s unrefined coconut oil. I’m not really sure why I stopped. I used it as a pre-conditioner for a while and it works well as a shaving cream. It also makes whatever you shave smell and taste good, which has its obvious benefits. Plus you can add it to hot chocolate, pancake batter, or a whole host of other cooking delights. . .but I digress. I used to buy this at Whole Paycheck (aka Whole Foods), but I recently found it at Market Basket.

4. DIY creams and soaps

There are some interesting options outlined at Care2 for DIY shaving cream, shaving soap and bottled shaving cream. The DIY option looks a little tedious for today’s typical lifestyle. Maybe I’ll try it when I’m retired.

5. Others you may want to try

I’m aware of these products but I haven’t tried any of these shaving creams yet. Drop me a line if you have and let me know what you think. And as I run out of my supply I’ll give these a try and post a review on the results so keep an eye out for future updates on these:

- Aubrey Organics: Claims to be 100% natural hair, skin and body care.

- Burt’s Bees: This stuff is popping up all over my house now thanks to my wife. Sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer. No shaving stuff yet but Burt’s Bees does make natural shaving creams, soaps and aftershave balms. The Bay Rum shaving soap and aftershave balm look particularly interesting.

- The Gentlemens Refinery: Here’s my homage to the ultimate grooming expert, master barber for The Art of Shaving Perry Gastis (among other accolades). Mr. Gastis partnered up with an organic chemist to formulate The Gentlemens Refinery: “A sophisticated paraben and alcohol free men’s grooming line using the rarest and finest natural ingredients (certified organic wherever possible)”. In addition to it’s online shop, GR has a great online feature at the website called Ask the Barber. I may just have to treat myself to the GR barber services experience the next time I’m in Vegas!

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