Four years of inexplicable overwhelming odor?

Wow, you’d think that with 4 years of armpit odor this guy would have dealt with this a little sooner. Keep grooming and keep yourself clean! I understand that shit happens, but keep an eye on your health, grooming and otherwise, and take care of it immediately, no matter what it is!

Here’s to healthier days, especially healthy holidays. Please be safe and happy this holiday season.


Anyone appreciate Kate Upton? No lazy grooming allowed!

According to an E! Online article, Kate would said “she would never, ever, ever, EVER date a guy with “‘grooming problems.’”

If this isn’t enough to whip you neanderthals into shape, I don’t know what will.


Can grooming improve your mental state?

For me, yes, since I really can’t stand resembling Sasquatch, however it always seems as though that’s the point I would be at before I actually did something about it- the solution: a grooming schedule. I realized that I was doing a fairly comprehensive grooming session about once every two months, but it was the end of that period where things got hairy…pun intended.

I recently set a schedule of once every six weeks, which works well since both two and three are common denominators in this equation: cutting my head hair every two weeks during the summer and every three weeks in the colder months.

This proactive approach yields much better results, and action always beats reaction. In today’s world it’s difficult to remain proactive versus reactive in all aspects of our daily life, but this is an easy way to do just that. Keeping proactive with any single aspect of your life might even help foster that attitude in other parts, hopefully making everything run a little more smoothly.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
We survived Y2k, so the century is off to a good start.
The Mayans were wrong, so 2012 ended better off than predicted.
We’re off the “fiscal cliff” (for now), so 2013 is even off to a good start!

Here’s to an excellent 2013! Stay tuned for some more good stuff.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! On this Christmas Eve I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Happy Movember!

Now that the Halloween craziness is over (I live nearby the Halloween capital of the world- Salem, MA), I welcome November with open arms and a sigh of relief, improved parking and traffic flow. I also welcome Movember! While a mustache doesn’t suite my face very well, I thought I’d do my part instead by sharing this link and making a donation. Before the Christmas madness ramps up and takes over our lives, please consider a donation or helping raise awareness.


Frankenstorm imminent!

Look out everyone, Frankenstorm is coming! If you’re in the northeast, time to prepare, if you’re south of the Mason Dixon line, you may already be screwed!

As with similar lessons in previous posts, such as How Manscaping can help you survive a zombie outbreak and Expecting? Exercise manscaping preparedness, grooming is something that requires a little preparation. You don’t want to be running out to buy batteries when the store shelves are cleared out, so you buy them well ahead of time…at least that’s the plan. Similarly, if you haven’t cleaned up your scruff or (fill in nationality) sweater yet, you may want to bust out the shears (or at least charge them up if you have a battery powered version) before the trees start falling and take out the power grid. If you’re able to read this post, trim up while you still can!

Be safe. Be well-groomed.


The Stylish Man’s Guide to Concealed Carry

OK, so it’s been a while since my last post…a long while- but fear not, one of my favorite websites has inspired me with their latest post!

While I know a thing or two about grooming, I also happen to know a thing or two about firearms. This is a very thorough article, and while I’d like to keep this blog primarily to grooming topics, I will opine by saying that the article is spot-on with its analysis of personal choice- people can argue for days on what the best thing is to carry and how, but in the end, much like (certain) grooming habits, are personal choices that an individual must make on his own. If concealed carry is your thing or it may become your thing, don’t stop here as you can never have enough education, especially with a topic like this.

…and I guess it can’t hurt to have your bodily hair in a reasonable manageable state as to prevent any holster clips from catching or pulling!


“Mansome”: Grooming Documentary for the Modern Male

It’s about time someone made a documentary about manscaping and, other than myself, Morgan Spurlock is just the man for the job.

His male grooming documentary “Mansome” will be part of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival April 18-29 and stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. Given that this is in Manhattan, I think I’ll have to wait until the DVD release or see if the limited theatrical release (major cities beginning May 18) hits my hometown theater. If you’re attending the festival, please check it out and let me know what you think!

Tickets on sale now! Check out this video clip, looks pretty funny!


Product Review: Burt’s Bees Aftershave & Every Man Jack

So the mitigation of nasty chemicals in our daily life has become a recurring theme in both this blog and my home life. And why not? Being an expert on grooming means learning a lot about different products, the problem is what you learn and how hard it is to avoid the nasties. I previously mentioned an upcoming review for Every Man Jack, and after trying it and the Burt’s Bees, I decided to combine the two.

Though not nearly as toxic as other products (per manufacturer’s website: “NO PARABENS. NO PHTHALATES. NO DYES. NO OILS. NO ANIMAL TESTING”), Every Man Jack still has some nasty chemicals in it. Overall it’s not all that bad, but the ingredients do leave a pretty lengthy list of hard-to-pronounce items. The worst thing on the list is probably “fragrance,” mainly because, according to The Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database:

The word fragrance or parfum on the product label represents an undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals and ingredients used as fragrance dispersants…

The whole “undisclosed mixture” is kinda sketchy…however overall it’s not all that bad, and if you’re looking for something fairly inexpensive and readily available, it’s not a bad choice- it smells pretty decent too.

Burt's Bees Aftershave

On the other hand, the Burt’s Bees has a fairly lengthy list of very easy-to-read and pronounce ingredients. This is also readily available, at least in my area, at both Stop & Shop and CVS Pharmacy locations. Otherwise, check out my store and you pick some up there.

Got a favorite aftershave? Post in the comments below and let us know!